“This is one of the best, most heart-opening documentaries I have ever seen. I was fascinated by Federico telling us of his early life and the road to the many discoveries and inventions in his career. But when he began to talk about how his work on computing showed him the absolute impossibility of making a computer conscious, I kept saying, “Yes!, Yes!

“Federico had actually come to these conclusions about the primacy of consciousness and our true humanity when he realized that the prevailing materialist theory could not answer any of his questions about how consciousness could arise from biological activity. What an amazing documentary. It makes my heart sing.”

Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D.
Professor, Institute of Neuroscience, Univ. of Oregon
President, Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences

“Federico Faggin’s life journey as recounted in this impressive documentary contains critical lessons for our time in terms of uniting spirituality and science and highlighting the existential primacy of the inner life and spiritual development in an age of distraction and fragmentation.”

David Lorimer
Programme Director
Editor, Paradigm Explorer
Chair, Galileo Commission