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The Four Lives of Federico Faggin

Italian, American, Inventor, Consciousness ResearcherDocumentary, 30 min., Directed by Roberto Miller, 2021

Federico Faggin shares his fascinating journey through the ages, from being born in war-time Italy to living the American dream as he became the renown physicist, serial entrepreneur, designer of the first microprocessors and inventor of devices we still use everyday such as the touchscreen and touchpad. Then, thirty years ago, while breaking through the frontiers of artificial intelligence, he had an experience that led him to question the fundamental aspects of consciousness, the nature of reality, and life beyond the ordinary material world.

“Four Lives” recently opened the international Beyond The Brain
conference and had a fascinating panel discussion hosted by David
Lorimer. The conference itself featured stellar speakers, including Dr.
Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock. We hope to share the panel
discussion soon.

Italian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese


“This is one of the best, most heart-opening documentaries I have ever seen. I was fascinated by Federico telling us of his early life and the road to the many discoveries and inventions in his career. But when he began to talk about how his work on computing showed him the absolute impossibility of making a computer conscious, I kept saying, “Yes!, Yes!”
“Federico had actually come to these conclusions about the primacy of consciousness and our true humanity when he realized that the prevailing materialist theory could not answer any of his questions about how consciousness could arise from biological activity. What an amazing documentary. It makes my heart sing.”
Marjorie Woollacott, Ph.D.
Professor, Institute of Neuroscience, University of Oregon
President, Academy for the Advancement of Postmaterialist Sciences

“Federico Faggin’s life journey as recounted in this impressive documentary contains critical lessons for our time in terms of uniting spirituality and science and highlighting the existential primacy of the inner life and spiritual development in an age of distraction and fragmentation.”
David Lorimer
Programme Director
Editor, Paradigm Explorer
Chair, Galileo Commission

“Bravo! You’ve created a documentary that is entirely engaging from the first moments through the ending credits.

“I was struck by how Federico’s life experience is a real-life illustration of the evolution of consciousness that I believe the entire planet is currently undergoing: from his early years living “as they did centuries ago,” through his education and the work he did channeling his curiosity into becoming an architect of the Information Age, and now, the Experience Age. “The only way to understand is to experience,” he says, “Feelings and sensations are the carriers of meaning.”

“Early on he mentions that the microprocessor was an idea “whose time would have come, no matter what.” The components were present, but he developed the technology, design, and methodology to create the microprocessor which took technology to the next level. “What we were doing,” he says, “was bringing the future into the present.”

“And now, once again, he is instrumental in bringing the future into the present, with the awareness that “it is the quantum fields that are conscious.” Recounting his awakening—experiencing himself as the world observing itself–he later states that there is a larger awakening occurring, one in which we realize that a living system is miraculous, and not just a machine. “Consciousness cannot be produced by inert matter.” He is one of the leading voices assuring us that consciousness is primary. When this awareness takes hold in human societies, it will usher in a golden age of innovation and regeneration. We are living in exciting times!

“Now for a quote:

“Federico Faggin has spent a lifetime creating technology that takes human societies to the next level. From microprocessors to touchpads and touch screen technology, Faggin has been an architect of the Information Age, working to “bring the future into the present.” In this exceptional new documentary, we see that he continues that work, now in the field of consciousness. He is one of the leading voices assuring us that consciousness is primary and does not, in fact, derive from matter. When this awareness takes hold in human societies, it will usher in a golden age of innovation and regeneration. This documentary is an important contribution to getting us to that time.”

Judy Kitt
President, Foundation for Mind Being Research
Mountain View, CA

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